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 Post subject: Anonymising your net activities
PostPosted: Tue, 20 Mar 2012 00:47:57 +0000 
Since the government is intent on snooping on what I do, i have moved to takign back control of who sees what i do on the net. Im a innocent of any criminal activity and therefore decline to accede to the governments insistence they watch over my shoulder.

The simplest way is to use a VPn tunnel.

You can buy VPN service from many places online. Since they are not as such ISP's, none of there current ISP snooping legislation applies to them. I use BoxPN in germany.

The way it works is easy. You buy an account, which is in no way related or connectable to your actual login or IP address. You make a new network connection on you PC (follow the instructions). You fire it up. From that point onwards, there is a direct connection between you and one of many servers all over the world, selectable by you. The traffic between you and the VPN server is encrypted, including all http addresses etc, and ALL your outgoing and incoming traffic is routed through it. Thus your ISP has NO IDEA what you are doing, cannot read the encrpyted traffic passing between you and the VPN server.

From your point of view, nothing has changed, your computer works on the internet exactly as it did before. You IP address, however, stops at the VPN server. If the mods of this board tried to trace me from the IP attached to this post (which they can), they would find them selves at a VPN server in Germany, many thousands of miles away from where i really am.

I can also engage in file sharing with my friends, since my ISP is unable to recognise any of the encrypted packets passing thru there system, and cannot differentiate any packet from another. All they can see is packet volume to the server, and nothing else. I can switch to another server any time i want - tomorrow, i might work thru a sever in Belgium, and the next day one in the USA. I also use Hushmail, and secure encryptable web email system for private emails.

Furthermore, I have also switched to a VOIP phone. This also works over my VPN tunnel, and makes it physically impossible for anyone to tap my phone or listen in. My mobile phone is what is charmingly called in security circle a 'dirty' phone. It uses a second hand PAYG SIM card out a phone from a s/hand shop, always topped up with a voucher purchased for cash. It is completely untraceable to me.

I'll decide who reads my damn emails and listens to my phone calls, and it isnt going to be GCHQ or the CIA.

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