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 Post subject: 'Another Brick in the Wall' Video/Animation
PostPosted: Sun, 11 Jan 2009 15:47:36 +0000 

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Hi All

Being a protest song and a huge hit about intimidation, lack of respect etc and with Jacqui Smith being a former teacher presumably of the type portrayed in the video, this would be an excellent way of gaining a lot of debate and coverage (via You Tube etc) once a video/animation is produced. Who know it may even make the charts or the papers!

One suggestion for a scenario would be a 'Jacqui Smith' character dressed in a Nazi uniform with a teachers mortor hat. The kids being visual stereotypes of people in society (policeman, doctor, nurse, somebody with a bowler hat, builder, people in religious or national dress etc.).

She could go around the class checking peoples ID cards. Anybody that doesn't have one get a big yellow star put on them with the words 'No ID Card, Fine £1000'. The yellow star being a cross between a parking ticket and the star given to Jews by Nazi Germany.

There could be added to the video/animation voice overlays from Jacqui Smith and others, together with newspaper articles and messages you wish to give.

A video/animation would target many different groups in society
•People from wartime age who remember the Jews were treated and freedom that was fought for.
•People from the era where this song was first produced and/or employed in some of the professions shown.
•Kids of today
•Religious groups who feel persecuted by society
•People who have received fines in the past for reasons they think unfair (parking fines, adults with children who accidentally drop litter, overfilled bins etc.)

I'm sure there are lots of people here with the skills to make something like this work

P.S. Does all the Government Ministers have ID cards or are the frightened about the security of the information and the lack of privacy. Since they stress that the information is totally secure and can be seen by only authorised personnel, surely there can't be any case for the excuse 'National Security' can there!

P.P.S. Incidentally, I think Jacqui Smith should be strip searched on webcam every time she enters the Houses of Parliament. After all, if she has nothing to hide she has nothing to fear.

P.P.P.S. Please forgive me if this has been suggested in the past by somebody, I have only just registered.

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